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game pieces with slogan "We Make Cool Games"

Well, actually we've only made one game so far. But it is cool. And there are more on the way. We've got a bunch of ideas. Several of them have been playtested, and a couple only need some final graphics work done for them. So keep coming back, we'll have more soon.

Our first game is called Capture the Flag and it's based on the game we all used to play as kids. And just like when you played it as a kid, you don't take turns in this game. But rather than run around like madmen, here you flip cards to see who gets to go and what piece they will move. You never know when your next turn will be. So think ahead and plan carefully. Or just dash after your opponent's flag. Either way, whoever grabs the other flag and gets it back to their base without being captured wins.

game board in starting position

game cards

game board in play